Annual Report


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          RESOURCE INDIA KURIES PVT. Ltd. Was established in 2001 incorporated under the companies act, 1956 with its registered office at Thrissur.  Now `RESOURCE` is one of the leading kuri companies in Thrissur with two branches � one at Faridabad and the other at Jammu.  The company is owned by `Paliakkara Family Trust`, controlled by 29 shareholders and 11 directors from them.  Chairman, deputy chairman and the executive director are the key posts of the controlling committee. 
          First kuri started by the company, from the very beginning, was with a prize money of rs.2,00,000/- and now the prize money of our kuri is rs.10,00,000/- (rupees ten lakhs).  The growth we achieved by the sincere hard work and dedication of the shareholders and 15 staff members.
          We have more than 10,000 subscribers in our various kuries, which includes monthly, tri-monthly, pooval and long-term of 200 months.  Thus we own an asset of rs.2.50 crores.  Now we are in the process of constructing our mother-house.
We bend our mind to the poor and many of them share their gratitude for achieving their dreams being a member of `resource` family.
          Dear viewers, with pleasure, we invite you to `resource` family.  Whatever may be your need � own villa, education, marriage � we are ready to extend our helping hand to achieve your goal.

We are introducing new
RESOURCE FUTURE PLUS-3, Starting on 03-02-2012 prize amount 20,00,000/-

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    Intimation for Month of May 2013

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